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B-Scan Ultrasonography

The B-Scan ultrasonography is a diagnostic procedure used to produce a cross-sectional view of the eyeball and its socket.

B-scan makes use of sound waves to form an image. The image is produced as the waves move through tissues in the eye, bounce off of tissue, and then return to the transducer. The ultrasound unit then converts the sound energy to electrical energy and an image is displayed. During the procedure, you will remain seated with your eyes closed. A gel will then be placed on your eyelids. You will be required to move your eyes while closing the lids while the probe is then placed gently over your eyelid. It is a non-invasive and painless procedure.

The B-scan is used to monitor severe cataracts or other eye conditions, such as lid problems, that make normal eye examination difficult. It can also be used to diagnose retinal detachment, retinal tears, vitreal bleeding and eye tumors. It may also be necessary to diagnose unexplained problems with the eye, or in the event of a sustained injury or trauma to the eye.

The B-scan ultrasonography is particularly useful when structures at the front of the eye prevent proper visualization with standard imaging techniques.

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